Perhaps what Ben and I enjoy best about running is hearing from the musicians whose music we write about so passionately.  Archived below is a selection of the feedback we’ve received from members of some of the bands we’ve featured, along with the review or article that prompted the feedback:


  • “Hello, Jason!  Thanks a lot for everything!  Very interesting review and nice…[but] try 100 points [out of 100]!  Hope it will work for you guys!”  — Sydney, Atlantis Chronicles
  • “Wow, man–what a monster of a review.  It’s very in-depth and we can tell you definitely took some time and care into writing this.  We appreciate it, man.  A lot of the time we get some half-assed reviews we don’t even bother sharing ’cause it’s obvious someone chalked it up in a few minutes.  Either way, thanks a ton–we’re completely flattered and glad you dug the new EP.  We’ll definitely be sharing this on our FB page to hopefully get you some views and pump up the CD release.  Thanks again.”  — Scott, The Devils of Loudun
  • “Hey dude, we all read it.  It’s very thoughtful and speaks highly of the band and our music, which is great!  Glad you dig what we do.  Cheers, dude–thanks for the kind words.” — Archspire
  • “Thanks for such kind words in your reviews.  The new album is coming along great.  It should be finished by July.  Come out for some beers and an early listen.”  — Joel, Bound for Glory
  • Hell, yeah–thank you!”  — Shadow of Intent
  • “Wow, this made my day!  Gonna share it later today.  Thanks, Jason!”  — Christian, Virial
  • “Thank you very much for your time and your work.  We really appreciate it.  We´re always pleased to hear when someone enjoys our music!”  — Nothgard
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