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Want to See Your Band’s Work Reviewed by

Site authors Jason and Ben have already begun receiving requests from bands just getting started in the industry to have review their full-length albums or EPs.  The staff would love to review your group’s music–particularly if it is from a debut EP or full-length album–and therefore invites you to submit your requests via email, FB Messenger, Twitter, or the contact form featured on this website.

When submitting your request, please include the following:

  • Your band’s name and the name of the EP or album you’d like reviewed, as well as any album artwork
  • Your label’s name and the release date information of your record
  • Your band’s city, state, and country of origin, and the genre of metal you identify with
  • Links to your band’s Facebook, Twitter, BigCartel, BandCamp, and other relevant information
  • How you heard about the website

In return, asks that, once the review has been written, you feature it prominently via Facebook, Twitter, your website, and any other means you may have.  Cross-promotion is an extremely valuable, reputation-building endeavor that benefit both your band and the website.

We’d love to feature your up-and-coming metal band.  Drop us a line anytime!

Jason and Ben