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Recommended YouTube Subscription List: Updated 05/24/2016

These folks work hard to provide quality extreme metal of all genres available at no cost to fans across the world and definitely deserve a “Subscribe.”

— Jason


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Coming Soon:’s First-Ever Feature Length Story

[Author’s note: This post is intended to introduce the first so-called “Feature” to be posted to  In reality, the feature itself will be published in three separate posts over the coming weeks.  This initial post is more akin to a foreword of sorts—a clarifying of ground rules, if you will, so that the three-part feature is presented in proper context with as little ambiguity as possible.]

A number of my extreme metal brethren also share another passion of mine: baseball—specifically, the use of extraordinarily accurate metrics based on play-by-play data that provide now even the casual fan with the ability to intelligently argue who the best players are in the game today (or, should they fancy it, to argue over history’s greatest baseball players as well).  Performance-measuring analytics, or “sabermetrics” as they’re often called (sometimes derisively, sometimes not), have become so accurate that, truthfully, there is little room for debate when evaluating baseball’s top performers.

Thirty years ago, enough gray area still existed—despite what were, at the time, revolutionary leaps forward in player valuation—that playful debates weighing the merit of Player A’s strengths with the glove versus Player B’s prowess with the lumber in his hands were an enjoyable part of the National Pastime.  With an understanding of the expected run outcome of all 24 possible base-out combinations (for example, a runner on second base with nobody out), the ability to adjust for the crucial nature of the play about to unfold (known as the Leverage Index), and the ease with which biases in home field advantage may be neutralized, there’s just not much to argue about in 2016.

In 1985, however, Bill James published the first of three editions of his Historical Baseball Abstract, the first two of which introduced the concepts of “Peak Value” and “Career Value.”  Simply put, James thought it impossible to rate a player such as Sandy Koufax, whose career was short but whose peak was brilliant, against a player such as Cy Young, who never had a single season as dominant as Koufax but who pitched for decades and amassed 511 career wins.  Thus, James’ conceptualizations of “Peak” and “Career” values were born.

What does the 30-year-old, then-revolutionary approach of a Kansas schoolteacher have to do with extreme metal?  The astute among you, I’m guessing, have already made the leap.  There are bands that release one or two absolutely stellar records, then seemingly vanish off of the face of the Earth; conversely, there are artists who never reach such levels of greatness but churn out listenable metal for decades, pleasing fans across the world in the process.  Now, which breed of artist is more impressive—the band with the flaming star peak or the band with the tortoise’s pace but consistent quality?  And, furthermore, if we were to separate bands into one category or the other, which bands would we find to have had the greatest peak stretch ever, and which would we find to have defined longevity better than Webster’s?

That’s the aim of this three-part feature-length story.  Part one will codify the ground rules: for example, how many albums may constitute a peak, and how few could be construed as to represent a career?  Part two will identify the greatest peak metal performers ever, using your votes and the review averages of several reputable music aggregator websites; the same will be done to determine the bands with the greatest career values.  Finally, the third and final installment will pit the bands from each classification against each other, tournament-style, with the ultimate objective to determine, within the annals of extreme metal , who graced us with the most epic peak, and who treated us to the longest run of sustained excellence.

Stay tuned.

Patreon, Fund-Raising, and Page Traffic

Friends, fans, and metal family members:

It is after careful and deliberate consideration that Ben and I have opted to launch a profile on the fund-raising platform  Unlike better-known fundraising websites such as GoFundMe and CrowdSourcing, Patreon requires that the individuals receiving a donation–namely, Ben and me–provide something of value in return for such a donation.  I will first explain why we are seeking to raise funds–an exceptionally modest amount, in fact–and then I’ll explain what you may elect to receive should you choose to submit a donation.

As I posted to these pages late Tuesday night, has taken off in just four short weeks in a way unlike anything the two of us could have ever expected.   Poring over blog and Facebook visitor metrics revealed that the vast majority of new traffic to both properties was coming via Facebook; more specifically, we had invested $25 as an experiment of sorts to see whether or not our blog and corresponding Facebook page would be marketed to an appropriate audience via social media.  To make a long story short, the experiment was a resounding success, and it is our hope we can continue modestly promoting these twin properties and therefore remain active driving new traffic to the content we put our hearts into.

As mentioned, Patreon is a fund-raising site that allows the creation of specific campaigns that help ensure those donating know exactly what the funds will be used toward.  Additionally, no donation is deemed too small; in fact, our present campaign has a fund-raising goal of just $50, so even a dollar or two will help us reach that target quicker than you might realize.  As is stated on the Patreon portal, these donations will be used to “boost” various Facebook posts; in fact, every $10 in boosted posts earns our properties roughly an additional 1,200 new eyes, all of which are between the ages of 18 and 49 and list heavy metal as an interest.

I know I, too, speak for Ben when I say that there are few things I am loath to do more than ask for money.  I mean, it’s not like I need help paying for my kid’s Hepatitis C medication or something.  But consider the two things that transpire when someone makes a donation:

  • Additional traffic is driven to the two properties, increasing the brand’s exposure and making it possible to interview increasingly more popular artists, begin producing original audio and video content, and so forth; and,
  • Each individual that donates receives a review of the song or album of their choice–and it’ll forever be for their eyes only!  Thought merely a token gesture, it’s the least Ben and I can do to say “thanks” for helping support our passion project

I still need to flesh out our profile, but, for the time being, it is active and may be viewed by visiting

As always, your continued support–as readers, fans, even just as friends–means more to us than mere words can express.

— Jason and Ben

Thanks from for a tremendous first four weeks!

From the Advertising page of

Jason and Ben, the creators and authors of, undertook this project with no intentions of profiting from their work.  After all, the musicians whose work is reviewed–along with the individuals interviewed–are the true artists of the extreme metal community, and the staff is honored to write about such extraordinary music and hope such publicity will generate album and merchandise sales for the featured artists.  Extreme metal is our passion–simply put.

After not even four weeks pouring our hearts into this project, we’re astounded at the feedback, appreciation, and participation we’ve received from around the world.  We’ve got Twitter followers–not many, but until a few weeks ago, we didn’t even have a Twitter account.  We’re approaching 100 page likes on Facebook, and the content on our blog is viewed by nearly 100 unique visitors every day.  We were betting our unique vision–focusing on up-and-coming artists and authoring thorough, in-depth reviews of everything from songs, albums, and even music videos–would set apart from other metal-themed websites dotting the online community, and we thank you for–at least initially–keeping the faith we had at the outset.

Of course, the biggest thanks of all goes to the bands composing such brilliant works of art.  We’ve only yet just begun to review the overwhelming amount of honest-to-Satan, damn good metal out there, and yet already we’ve written about Throne of the Beheaded, The Devils of Loudun, Children of Bodom, Bound for Glory, Virial, Deflect the Flow, Tagarot, Ocean of Grief, Unfathomable Ruination, Darkend, Atlantis Chronicles, Cytotoxin, Shadows Fall, Dying Fetus, Shadow of Intent, Archspire, and The Juliet Massacre, not to mention the bands mentioned in our weekly “What We’re Listening To” posts.

Furthermore, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing The Devils of Loudun–about the chillest bunch of guys repping melodic death metal today–and will soon be posting an interview with Shadow of Intent, a two-man, technically brilliant project whose album was recently reviewed.

Thanks again, fellow metalheads.  All knobs to 11, and keep it brutal!  \m/

— Jason and Ben