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  • Young men and women 18-49 years of age
  • Passionate about extreme metal music
  • Flush with discretionary income
  • Loyal to like-minded members of the metal community (such as bands, record labels, and sites such as

Disclaimer: Jason and Ben, the creators and authors of, undertook this project with no intentions of profiting from their work.  After all, the musicians whose work is reviewed–along with the individuals interviewed–are the true artists of the extreme metal community, and the staff is honored to write about such extraordinary music and hope such publicity will generate album and merchandise sales for the featured artists.  Extreme metal is our passion–simply put.

That said, as earns a reputation across the online extreme metal community as the Internet’s best source for thorough, comprehensive reviews of releases from all genres, as well as for serving as a launching pad for up-and-coming artists deserving of a larger audience, there will undoubtedly arise potentially lucrative opportunities for advertisers to promote their music and apparel online stores.  For this reason, is open to the idea of providing advertising opportunities to interested merchants, in accordance with the following terms:


  • Advertisements must conform to the size and site location terms set forth by
  • All advertising content must be approved by before it will be published to the site
  • Advertisements may be in image or text format, or a combination of both


  • does not expect and will not accept a percentage of the sales an advertiser earns through advertising on our site
  • Advertisements may be placed for any duration of time no shorter than two weeks
  • will bill advertisers a flat rate based on the size of the advertisement and its duration on the site.  Discounts are available for long-running advertisements


  • Advertisements may not be removed prior to the originally agreed-upon date of termination without incurring a cancellation penalty
  • All proceeds collected by will be reinvested into marketing efforts designed to grow the site even further


Contact Jason or Ben for rates, promotions, and other tools designed to make the most out of your advertising campaign!

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