Our Purpose

MetalAteMyBaby.com is a collaborative effort of two lifelong metal denizens–Jason Facer and the real-world version of Alexander DeLarge–to share the very best extreme music with like-minded fans around the world.  While bands both popular and unknown are featured across these pages, a concerted effort is made to bring attention to otherwise little-known or up-and-coming bands–indeed, the very bands that breathe so much passion into the metal scene as a whole.

How We Write

The MetalAteMyBaby.com website is primarily devoted to the review of individual songs, EPs, full-length releases, and live performances attended by the authors.  Additionally, interviews with bands, producers, and others involved in the creation of this diverse world of music are prominently featured.  Posts without a formal review but that otherwise detail what the site’s authors are listening to from week to week are also regularly published.

The Music We Write About

One of the most appealing aspects of what most would consider “extreme” heavy metal music is the virtually limitless variety offered by the industry’s many musical genres.  While not all-inclusive, the following is a list of the primary genres featured in the published works posted to MetalAteMyBaby.com:

  • Activist metal: Politically-motivated metal, not necessarily limited by the style of music itself (e.g., Bound for Glory, Dying Fetus)
  • Black metal: Distorted and dark, often with anti-religious lyrical themes (e.g., Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child)
  • Brutal death metal: Death metal with an emphasis on brutal speed, breakdowns, and grotesque lyrical content (e.g., Sophicide, Decapitated)
  • Death metal: Traditional, straight-up death metal (e.g., Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder)
  • Deathcore: A fusion of death metal and hardcore (e.g., August Burns Red, All Shall Perish)
  • Folk / Viking metal: Extreme metal with folkish instruments and Northern European historical themes (e.g., Ensiferum, Withered Moon)
  • Gothenburg metal: AKA “the In Flames sound” (e.g., Soilwork, Dark Tranquility)
  • Grindcore: Quick and brutal
  • Melodic death metal: Death metal with melodic, often harmonic elements (e.g., At the Gates, The Devils of Loudun)
  • Neoclassical metal: Inspired by classical composers and popularized by Yngwie Malmsteen, Jason Becker, et al
  • Progressive death metal: An otherwise unclassifiable blend of several metal genres, often extremely complex in composition (e.g., Between the Buried and Me, Id)
  • Symphonic metal: Death metal incorporating orchestral and other symphonic elements (e.g., Therion, Darkend)
  • Technical deathcore: The musical elements of deathcore paired with the characteristics of technical death metal (Rings of Saturn, Dissentient)
  • Technical death metal: Death metal with an emphasis on syncopated rhythm, complex riff structures, frequent time changes, and other technical elements (e.g., Necrophagist, Archspire)
  • Thrash metal: Straight-forward, aggressive, and influenced in many ways by punk rock (e.g., Slayer, The Haunted)

Genres we do not recognize at MetalAteMyBaby.com: Slamming brutal death metal, Nu-metal, hair metal, glam metal

Contact the Authors

MetalAteMyBaby.com is a project fueled solely by our collective passion for extreme heavy metal, and we genuinely hope you enjoy each and every post we publish.  We’d love to know what you think about our reviews, the bands we feature, and the genres you enjoy most.  Comments regarding individual posts are welcomed and appreciated; you may also reach out to us by using one of the methods listed below.

Above all, thanks for reading, and thanks for your passion for the music we all love.

— Jason and Ben


Email: MetalAteMyBaby@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/metalatemybaby

Twitter: @metalatemybaby

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ03eNW9zXY403HGDoKFFXw

Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/metalatemybaby

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