What I’m Listening To: Week of 05/30–06/04/2016 (Ben)

A selection of what I listened to last week, along with accompanying album and genre information:

  • The Dead Goats, “Path of the Goat,” their only full length release so far from 2012, but oh so good (death metal)
  • Blind Guardian, “Beyond the Red Mirror,” the 2015 full length album from the veterans of fantasy power metal (power metal)
  • Steelwing, “Zone of Alienation,” their 2012 full length album that could have come out in the mid-’80s and no one would have been the wiser (heavy metal)
  • Boris, “Akuma no Uta,” the 2005 reissue full length release by this ever-changing Japanese enigma (avant-garde/sludge/drone metal)the_dead_goats_path_album_cover
  • Wretched, “Cannibal,” their 2014 full length album (technical death metal)
  • Darkthrone, “Under a Funeral Moon,” the 1993 full length lo-fi classic. The perfect album for a cold Winter’s night (black metal)
  • Black Tongue, “The Unconquerable Dark,” their 2015 full length album. This one threw me. I thought it was going to be another doom metal throwback and then the death metal vocals kicked in. This one is growing on me (doomcore)
  • Merrow, “Awaken the Stone King,” the 2011 full length album of instrumentals from this talented solo artist (progressive metal)
  • Autopsy, “Severed Survival,” their classic full length release from 1989 (death metal)

— Ben

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