What I’m Listening To: Week of 05/15-05/21/2016 (Ben)

My list this week became an international edition. A selection of the songs I’m listening to this week, along with accompanying album and genre information:

  • Coffin Lust, Manifestation of Inner Darkness, from the 2016 full-length debut of the same name from yet another solid Aussie Metal band  (death metal)
  • Gyze, Black Bride, the 2015 full-length release by this Japanese trio (neoclassical death metal)
  • Ihsahn, Arktis, the recent 2016 solo release from this Norwegian musician who used to front Emperor (extreme progressive metal)
  • Brendon Small, Brendon Small’s Galaktikon, the 2012 full-length release from the the creator of Dethklok (progressive metal)
  • Vomitory, Blood Rapture, the 2002 full-length album by the Swedish Death Metal virtuosos (death metal)
  • Venom, At War With Satan, the 1984 full-length classic by the UK pioneers of Metal (NWOBHM/black/speed metal)

— Ben

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