What I’m Listening to: Week of 05/08-05/15/2016 (Ben)

A selection of the metal I’m listening to this week, along with accompanying album and genre information:

  • Skeletonwitch, Breathing the Fire, their 2009 full-length album  (melodic death metal/thrash metal)
  • VELD, DAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian, their 2015 full-length release. Great minds think alike: I was listening to this album the day before Jason posted his list. The artwork for the album cover is amazing and featured to the right (blackened death metal)
  • Toxic Holocaust, An Overdose of Death…” their 2008 full-length album (speed/thrash/black metal)
  • Vektor, Terminal Redux, their 2016 full-length release that came out last week. It’s still early, but this will probably be near the top of my best picks for metal albums of the year (progressive thrash metal)
  • Jag Panzer, Ample Destruction, the 1984 debut album by the band that has been cranking out American metal for the past three decades (heavy/power metal)
  • Visigoth, The Revenent King” their debut full-length 2015 release. A solid, traditional heavy metal album (heavy/power metal)
  • Abbath, Abbath, the 2016 debut solo album from the former front man from Immortal (black metal)

— Ben

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