What I’m Listening to: Week of 05/01-05/07/2016 (Ben)

A selection of the metal I’m listening to this week, along with accompanying album and genre information:

  • Vektor, “Outer Isolation,” their 2011 album. Their new LP, Terminal Redux, is due out on May 6th (progressive thrash metal)
  • Pentagram, “Relentless,” the debut 1985 full-length album from one of the original practitioners of doom metal. In fact, this album was a self-titled release in 1985, then re-released as “Relentless” in 1994.  They have been around since the early ’70s (doom metal) DES_666_UNCHAIN_COVER
  • Origin, “Antithesis,” their 2008 full-length album (technical brutal death metal)
  • Deströyer 666, “Unchain The Wolves,” their debut 1997 full-length album. (black/thrash metal)
  • Municipal Waste, “The Fatal Feast (Waste in Space),” their last full-length album from 2012 (thrash metal)
  • Tribulation, “Children of the Night“; this 2015 release from the Swedish foursome was on many top lists last year (progressive death/black metal)

— Ben

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